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How Rogan Offers Limitless Possibilities with Customized Knobs

03.04.2021 Posted in: Blog
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Pull HandlesAt Rogan Corporation, we have built a reputation for having a name synonymous with high-quality knobs. While the knobs, fasteners and hand hardware that we make can seem small, their impact is tremendous. Sometimes the knobs in our lives often go unnoticed, but the parts we make are all around us. From helping you turn up the volume to your favorite song to being a crucial piece on a ventilator helping to save lives. Rogan’s impact is everywhere, and often the parts that we make are the only part of the product you touch.

We believe that a simple knob is so much more than just a knob, especially when it’s on your product. This is why we will always go to great lengths to create the perfect, functional solution for you.

Molding Process

Standard or Customized – How Rogan Meets Your Needs

Custom StudFor over 85 years, Rogan has been at the forefront of the industry, consistently finding new ways to deliver innovative solutions. Our philosophy is simple – we will do whatever it takes to meet the needs of our customers. With this mindset, we design our products specifically for customization. This allows us to offer build-to-order solutions that let you cost-effectively adapt the size, color, shape, studs and inserts of the knobs and levers to meet the changing demands of your marketplace at three different levels: standard, modified or custom.

Beyond the versatility of these products, another key aspect of Rogan is our ability to adapt, specifically through our willingness to take on custom projects, modifying the tooling or processes, even for quantities as small as 500 pieces.

The Customization Process

Like everything at Rogan, our process starts with a conversation to discuss your specifications and understand the intended function of the knob. After understanding the project needs, together we will look to see if there is a match with one of our standard products. By carrying a wide range of standard sizes and configurations, we simplify the process of choosing the best knob for your needs. This deep lineup of standard components helps to reduce both cost and lead time.

Our team works with you to optimize your design and develop a perfect manufacturing solution, but our customization capabilities do not end there. We also can deliver products with two material molding. Having done two material molding since 1982, this option can add a soft gipping surface and allow for molding in markings for a very custom look.

Custom Marking

Once a knob is chosen, other customization options can be discussed. Many customizing options are available. A few are listed below:

  • Custom colors to produce a knob to match your color scheme
  • Customized markings on the knob, skirt or dial to aid in proper adjustment or show you logo
  • Custom designed studs and insets for clamping knobs to provide the special features you need including stainless steel, brass, special thread configurations, nylon patch for vibration control, etc.,
  • Customized decorative inlays
  • Set screw options include slotted or socket screws with cone point, half dog point, etc. Or stainless steel when required.

However, if there isn’t an exact fit, Rogan can adapt the standard parts through basic tool modifications or a completely custom knob can be designed and produced. When you need a truly unique knob or lever, Rogan turns to our in-house Program Management Team to create a fully custom product in six to eight weeks.

While every knob has some limitation to how much it can be changed, mostly due to steel constraints or changes that may affect molding, the possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to Rogan’s customization capabilities.

Ready to see how Rogan can move you? Whatever your product may be, Rogan is dedicated to helping you create the perfect knob. Contact Rogan today to start your next project!

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