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Standard or Customized – How Rogan Meets Your Needs

At Rogan Corporation, our mission is simple – do whatever it takes to meet the needs of our customers. To achieve this, we design our products specifically for customization, allowing us to offer build-to-order solutions.

Our products allow customers to adapt the size, color, shape, studs and inserts of the knobs and levers. This creates a cost-effective solution that can meet the marketplace demands at three different levels: standard, modified or custom.

Endless Possibilities with Customization

If appropriate, we can develop a custom piece that will truly be unique. As experts in our field, we guide you through the product selection process to give you the best solution for your needs.

Some examples of customization options include: 
  • Custom colors to produce a knob to match your color scheme
  • Custom designed studs and inserts for clamping knobs to provide the special features
  • Decorative inlays
  • Permanent decorative markings on the knob, skirt or dial to show your logo or aid in the function
  • Superior structural performance – Thicker wall sections allow for stronger parts with surfaces that meet FDA application specifications

With experience in two material molding since 1982, Rogan can also deliver products with an added soft gripping surface, allowing for molding in markings for a very custom look.

Rogan Corporation Employee adding decorative inlay to knob

Soft Touch – The New Standard

It happens in an instant. In fact, this feeling happens so quickly that it is hard to define the exact second when our sense of touch registers pleasure or pain, control or panic, effort or relief. It is this instant, this exact moment, that Rogan Soft Touch is specifically designed for – to make a quick but lasting impression.

Rogan Employee Inspecting Part

Rogan Soft Touch is the new standard for two-shot injection molding and is the foundation for our proprietary fasteners and hand hardware division. Rogan Soft Touch products have been at the forefront of innovative product designs to meet customer needs for more ergonomically-friendly applications.

Do You Have a Challenging Application?

Whatever your need, Rogan is dedicated to delivering the perfect solution.

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